The perks of being a bodyguard

Being a bodyguard is about saving lives, honor and chivalry. But it's also about business and earning a living.. And then there's the perks..
15 November 2014|RSS|Bodyguardskills
Picture courtesy of Maybach
Picture courtesy of Maybach


If you turn out to be a decent bodyguard, you will likely get a job doing residential security. If you are any good at that, you will eventually be given a chance to do some other chores, ie. being part of the outer cordon protective entourage, when the client travels or maybe you'll be lucky enough to be appointed driver.

Somewhere down the timeline, you will be part of the actual protective detail. Which is where you will reap the benefits of all the lonely, wet and cold hours of being on RST

Each position has it's own salary scale. It's not all about risk vs. money, but also about experience, specialty and your own ability to "play the game", meaning that you must be humble enough to gain employment, but self-assured enough to know when you are being financially screwed.

With the higher positions comes the perks! - but bare in mind, they will only come after a while. It took me eight years to earn my position as "top brass" and only then, the perks started flowing..

What to expect:

Well, in the beginning, don't expect ANYTHING. After a while, it will come, if you are any good at protecting and making your client feel safe.

A salary around US$ 150 a day is fine, doing RST and some low risk assignments. When you add it up, it's actually damn fine.

When growing on the job, you'll probably graduately earn some US$ 250,- a day doing low level, medium risk jobs.

When you've established yourself in the business and can prove your skillset and your experience, the check will raise significantly. A days work is easily worth US$ 350 to US$ 650 - if you are a freelancer or employed in the high end entertainment industry.

I'll explain more about the salaries and how to calculate them in the modules..

The Perks

I've received an extremely nice and expensive watch from one of my clients. Another gave me a silverbox with some rare collectors item playing cards. I've also received a painting, a bespoke suit, 2 expensive suitcases, toys for my kids and lieftime access to a clients cabin in the Swiss mountains.

With the job comes also the possibility to drive some awesome automobiles, fly private jets and sail on big yachts - with cuisine to go with it.. But it will ONLY happen, If you are any good!

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