The Charlie Hebdo reason

People speculate why the shooting in the Charlie Hebdo Magazine took place, while other magazines clearly could be targeted as well, for doing cartoons of the prophet. Here's a few good reasons..
11 January 2015|RSS|Bodyguardskills

First we must understand, that terrorism has changed dramatically in the last 6 months. Actually, we at need to change our materials in that department, as some of it is obsolete.

So must almost ANYONE professionally engaged in civil protection and anti-terrorism.


ISIL/IS/ISIS/DAESH is reason no. 1. They have effectively conquered northern Iraq and most of Syria and their aim of creating a Caliphate has been reached. Now they (Ed.: Al-Baghdadi) need to show the rest of the muslim world, that they have the power to persevere what ever the western world throws at them.

By promising muslims a place in the new Caliphate, if they engage actively in jihad against the infidels, DAESH has seriously inspired hope in many desillusioned radicals from the former Al-Qaeda and other fractions.

The killings in France is just the beginning. In the time to come, we will see many more attempts and some WILL succeed. The masterplan is to conquer the world, iznogood-style..(sorry couldn't resist the reference)

Charlie Hebdo was a week target, which is reason no. 2. In Copenhagen we have had active security at a couple of the newspapers, which originally posted the satiric drawings many years ago. Proper precautions has stopped at least one attempt against a newspaper in Copenhagen. Active surveillance detection may have deflected one or two other attempts.

The best way to counter these attempts is, as always, to harden the targets and cooperate across segments.

No hero-stuff, no snipers-on-rooftops just plain and simple vigilance, a hard cordon and ample reporting to authorities..

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