Terrorism; the new era

Terrorism has always been perceived as "the small vs. the big" and something easily defeated or at least beaten to a diminshed capacity.

Today, DAESH or ISIL if you prefer, has changed all that..
06 January 2015|RSS|Bodyguardskills

With a force of over 50 000 - some claim upwards 150 000 - DAESH is the largest terrorist organisation the world has ever seen.

They may call themselves freedom fighters, but once you initiate constant use of terror against your enemies, it becomes terrorism.

Whats the purpose?

Gaining world domination, according to a german reporter, who've visited them.


Conventional warfare combined with a constant act of terror, including but not limited to; beheadings, public hangings, public stoning, slavery, sexslavery and other rabiate actions. All in the name of the Quran.

The interesting thing is, that most of the western world still don't percieve DAESH as a threat. They "only" do etnic cleansing in Iraq, Syria and thereabouts.

Fact of the matter is, that they slowly but firmly have build a military bridge-head from where they can attack the rest of the levant and later on, Europe. And being that they have supporters already in different european countries - as well as the US, they will most likely strike before we know it. I guess 2015.

As bodyguards, we need to reckognize the threat and take precautions:

  1. Identify obvious terrorist targets
  2. Prepare a contingency plan for multiple casualties/wounded (the nearest hospital may not have adequate ressources)
  3. Train even harder to counter any attempt towards our client/us
  4. Realize that we will soon have a LOT of new clients coming 


In the old days, terrorists where spawned by powerty and injustice, it could be justified by many and even respected by scholars in the west. Now the terrorists want world domination out of sheer religious madness. 

With some luck they will protect their stronghold in northern Iraq and Syria for a while, keeping their Caliphate. However, they will, like so many other dictators, find that it's a fragile throne to sit on.

I strongly  urge that you think twice, if a client want's you to work in Iraq/Syria/Kurdistan, please take into account that VERY few male prisoners have survived down there. Most western prisoners are killed...slowly and in a horrible manner.

But. it's not all bad. War and terror means business. Don't neglect to look at southern europe for clients these coming months..

Stay sharp

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