Teenage clients

Teenagers can be a pain in their parents **s.
However, this is also true with regards to the relation between a teenager and his bodyguard.
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Working in this scenarie is not for adult professinoals.. it WILL wear you down
Working in this scenarie is not for adult professinoals.. it WILL wear you down

Way back in the early beginning of my career, I was hired by a concerned parent, to look after his rebellious son. 

The teenager had been acting as if he had no role models to coach him, and consequently gotten into trouble. My first day on the job, we were to drive out to a small time drug dealer and pay him for some cocaine, the youngster had purchased/borrowed. 

Taking control of this situation, I insisted that I would be the one delivering the money, even though the father as well as the son insisted that the son would do it himself. 

 I got it my way. 

After this little task was over – and I’d explained the pusher that if he ever tried to sell to this teenager again, I would personally track him down and drag him to justice – we started on some basic rules for the teenager and his actions around me.

  1. No drugs
  2. Fathers rules apply – even if they are changed hour by hour
  3. What I say goes, when out at night – discussions will end up in embarrassing physical intervention
  4. Any fighting, screwing and puking must be done at home, without my knowledge
  5. I will ONLY report back to the father, if I get the feeling the rules have been broken or the law demands it.

Simple rules to an adult, but NOT to a millionaire teenager with no visible parents to learn about boundaries. 

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we’d go out to dinner with his friends, to a club and end up taking some young girl home, who’d hope she could shag her way to riches and/or fame. 

As a grown up, this is NOT an ideal job. Working every weekend, transporting an intoxicated teenager around, standing or hovering around a nightclub and sometimes a stripjoint with a kid, that blew off 1000s of dollars on Champagne to feel important. Identifying and sifting out the up-scale cocaine dealers and ushering the ever so important showgirls to his table. Then there was the occasional back-padders.   People thinking, that because they’d been in some obscure reality series 2-3 years ago, and knew the clients first name, they could gain access to him. When he didn’t get lucky, he’d go to a stripjoint and pick up some professional. That was usually AFTER he tried to pick a fight with a bald guy with tattoos or someone who’d just pissed him off. 

Now, In 6 months I (or my co-workers)had to stop him fighting with other people 4 times, bought back his diamond Shamballah necklace and later his Hublot watch, in an upscale strip club, paid numerous unpaid bills in 3 different nightclubs and rejected somewhere between 5-10 girls he’d been bullshitting for a couple of weeks. 

He only challenged me once. I nailed him to the wall, one hand around his neck another grabbing his lower rib, told him never to challenge me again, or the pain would get worse. He got the point. 

I had some great colleagues with me back then, whereof one is still with me today. Another we had to let go, as he didn’t understand the importance of rejecting the cocaine dealers. 

The contract ended because the teenager convinced his family that he would go to the states and recuperate. He managed to stay clean and sober for about two-three weeks. Then I had to call an American associate and have him escort the youngster to LAX. We retrieved him in CPH and the family made sure he got the proper help. 

Today he owns a couple of companies himself, refusing to go into the family business. He is making a life for himself and his two little kids. 

How did I get this job? 

My company had bouncers at a small nightclub. One night it was ladies night and suddenly there was a buzz in the crowd “Mrs. Xxxx is coming” and “look, it’s Mrs. Xxxx!”. I immediately recognized the lady from the tabloid press, escorted her and her friends from their car to the club and made sure they had no hassle with entry, wardrobe or seating. After this, I gave Mrs xxxx 2 of my business cards and said “whatever you need, don’t hesitate to call me!” – So she did later that evening and I arranged for one of my employees to take her home. 

1½ year later the family contacted me, for security of their sons 18th. Birthday. They’d kept the business cards, both of them. At the same birthday, we scheduled a meeting. 

What did I make? 

In these six months we had a turnover of around US$ 5000 a month, protecting the teenage son Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Besides from this we had several extra assignments, like paying bills, escorting other family members and friends. This extra work totaled around US$ 10 000 over a period of six months. 

My personal income was US$ 3500 a month, working two nights a week, giving me plenty of time to tend other clients. 

The best part is, that I still am considered a friend of the family and am regularly invited to their summer resort, dinners and even been allowed to use their Swiss cottage, if I fancy. 

I think the bonus of a lifelong friendship is worth more than the money.

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