Standardization of the bodyguard industry

Standardization in conventional education is, without a doubt, a great adea! But can anyone prove, that executive protection training standardization is good for anyone?
17 September 2014|RSS|Bodyguardskills
Standardization of the bodyguard industry

The close protection industry is constantly trying to regulate itself. People with more or less good intentions – not always altruistic – have been working on standardization for as long as I’ve been in business – well over 20 years now.

Now let’s look at, what has happened?

UK has SIA – Which most training providers agree is too low a standard, not many can scientifically argue WHY it is too low, but nonetheless.

France has “adopted” SIA standards and extended them somewhat, creating CNAPS – a standard regulated better earlier on, when the police prefects could just say “no”.

Denmark has its 2 bodies; the guard law, supposedly governed by the police and bodyguard ISO 9001 – Again a rip-off from SIA.

What do they have in common?

Well, there’s certain laws that you must learn in each “standard”, there’s a certain minimum criteria of personal protection techniques you need to learn AND…no wait..That’s false; there are a certain number of hours, you shall receive TRAINING in the protection techniques and then there’s some first aid knowledge minimum to obtain. But here’s where the similarities stop.

Each country has divided their regulations into different segments, depending on culture and experience with the people trying to regulate. In UK there’s a business segment not present in the other countries. In Denmark, the focus on communication has been put on late in the process, not present in the French at all.The French has a firearm segment, not interesting in the other countries – with restrictions on armed security.

All in all, the idea of standards has advantages and disadvantages. On the upside, we can remove some of the stupid people trying to train others without prober accreditation and experience. On the downside, some of the best bodyguards I’ve ever met, had no formal education and never lost a client or any reputation.

A dyslectic bodyguard might have problems going thru the standards, if they become any harder?And I REALLY misses the statistical numbers to show me, that all these regulations have saved any lives? – Besides from the poor and hungry training providers.

The idea of standards is great, if it can be proved that it benefits the target group. in this case either the protection specialists or, if you take on the commercial spectacles; the clients. I am now challenging this notion of educational standards; show me evidence, that standardization have saved lives or increased the overall revenue of the industry.


We have collected some material on to show you the standards and where you can learn more.

..Oh, and before you start to rant: I’m accredited by the Danish guard law, the ISO 9001 standard and am a certified instructor and teaching assistant. (I have also worked in 8 different countries in EU and Africa)

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