Physical training for bodyguards

Bodyguards are elite security officers. We should be the best there is out there and be able to conduct our trade with resolve. It provides some challenges when thinking about physical training. Here's a few pointers to overcome these challenges.
17 August 2014|RSS|Bodyguardskills

Bodyguards are not necessarily SAS, GSG-9 or SEAL. But we are supposed to be the elite in private security. This requires a solid physical base, that can endure extreme working environments and food deprivation.

Here's a few things to consider and some suggestions:

You can't train when ever you want to. On contract with busy business people, you'll have little time to train on a regular basis. IF you have, it is usually something like 10-20 minutes morning and evening. so, you should try to have 3 programs.

  • In between contracts, train a solid, hard program. Focus on muscle building and cardio.
  • On contracts, small simple floor/wall/door exercises. Focus on muscle retention.
  • Immediately after contracts, rebuilding program. Focus on regaining body mass and cardio.

In addition, accept that you can't haul a big bag of gym equipment or gym clothes with you all the time, so get used to training without them. spend some doe on the original RTX system - it will help you a lot.

Now, physical training is second nature, for most people who enters this industry. If it's not, get a personal trainer who can help you start out.

From a practical point of view, train as you work. If you choose to take on private military contracts or similar, train in your heavy duty kevlar, wear your BDU, backpack, armory...the works! - otherwise your body will not be ready for the hardship of carrying it on mission.

Also, when you have contracts and return from mission, go see a physician and have him check your vitamin and mineral stats. Regaining the right (amount of) vitamins and minerals will help you regain your perfect condition faster. The thing is, that on many contracts we are deprived of food for long periods of time. Or we will just grab whatever we can find to eat and stuff in our gap within seconds and move on. Fast food takes on a whole new dimension. the cost for this is loss of essential minerals and vitamins.

This job IS bloody hard on the system - but if you take care of yourself, you'll last a hell of a lot longer than most soccer players ;-)

By the way - we have a few small training programs in the modules on, that you can peruse and use, it you want to - REMEMBER; we do not exercise for cosmetic or medicinal purposes. We do it to endure hardship and fight the bad guys!



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