Our heroes..The copenhagen terror attack

Saturday February 14th. 2015 a terrorist tried to replicate the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris.. but this time in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It didn't go as planned, due to committed, well prepared and well trained police officers.
15 February 2015|RSS|Bodyguardskills
Our heroes..The copenhagen terror attack


Here's the information we have so far:

 A Close Protection team were protecting the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, (an artist shunned for depicting the prophet Muhammed) when he was visiting Copenhagen. The Close Protection team,  a 4 men operation with an extra uniformed police officer outside the building, did their due diligence, a proper SAP and created several layers to penetrate, for the assailant.

When the assailant approached the building, around 15:33 hrs., he instantly was confronted by the uniformed officer. The assailant shot and severely wounded the officer where after he continued towards the glasdoors into the foyer of the building.

2 civilian agents were placed in the foyer and when the assailant realized, that there was additional security on site, he stayed outside, spraying the foyer with what witnesses initially claimed was a Kalashnikov AK47 but now is identified as a COLT Canada C7A1.

The officers inside returned fire with their sidearms, both wounded. The remaining 2 officers, inside the conference room, ushered the VIP along with the ambassador (and at least 2 others) into a heavy duty cooling room in the kitchen, as soon as they realized that they were under attack. One stayed with the dignitaries while the other communicated with his colleagues and called for help.

It is not certain if the civilian, who lost his life at this particular event, actually tried to stop the assailant or just got in the way.

After this, a large-scale investigation identifies the perpetrator, via collected video evidence and statements, and police wait at the perpetrators apartment.

Later, around 1 o'clock at night, at the jewish synagogue the same perpetrator appeared, this time with a slightly different attire, instantly shooting 2 police officers and killing the civilian guard from the synagogue, ushering out to help the police officers.

When the terrorist reaches his home, around 04:50, AKS (Danish SWAT) approached the perpetrator outside his apartment in Copenhagen and as soon as they identified themselves as police, the perpetrator opened fire. He was killed within seconds.

We've obviously had a long conversation about the impact of this terror incident. We all agree, that the fact that AKS killed the perpetrator has tremendous signal value and probably will tell the world, that even though Denmark may look small and harmless, their intelligence agencies and police is on their toes and among the best in the world.

Thank you officers and we hope you consider yourselves heroes, because we certainly do!



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