Henrik Bramsborg joined the project.

11 March 2013|Bodyguardskills
Henrik Bramsborg joined the project.

Henrik joined the project "bodyguard skills". He will become the leading specialist on the project.

About Henrik Bramsborg:

Henrik Bramsborg, born 1969 In private security since 1994, before that a soldier in the Danish army and United Nations.

I received my bodyguard training through Professional Bodyguard Association, International Bodyguard Association, IFPO and some minor companies.

Protecting more than 60 individuals, including several children and a Doberman Pincher(!) - 3 were long term assignments and the rest from 4 hours to 4 weeks.

Have been protecting superstars as an "in-house" bodyguard at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo for 8 years.

Personally trained or instructed more than 200 people in close protection and stalking countermeasures.

Written 3 books on security in my native tongue and has been interviewed on national TV and in newspapers on numerous occasions.

Today I am still active, primarily part time protecting a couple of my existing clients, whereof most have been recurring clients for 7 years+

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