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When people try to comprehend the life af a bodyguard, they almost always think of politicians and superstars as the's some interesting facts about the REAL client base..
08 December 2014|RSS|Henrik Bramsborg

YES; we do actually protect politicians, royalty and the higher echelon of the entertainment industry!

However, almost 70 % of the actual bodyguard work is with other clients. Think about this: Who is at most risk and who has more money? - The above mentioned ranks high on the list, but more-so does Executives in international companies! - They regularly have disputes with workforce organisations, alienated individuals laid off and a myriad of NGOs, of which some are not just politically enclined, when trying to get their message through.

Executives stand for more than 60% of all revenue in our company and the tasks varies from single protection to executive transportation of the entire board of directors.

I have just had a quick chat with some colleagues and here's what they said they made their living out of from beginning in the industry to this day:

  • Socialworkers doing housecalls at mentally ill patients
  • Doctors doing housecalls in ghettos
  • Call girls w. new/eastern clients
  • Jewelers transporting high end watches
  • Designer w. new patent he recently sold
  • Reporters - crime journalism
  • Wealthy tourists moving around in the city
  • Rich kids - primarily protecting them out in clubs
  • Singers, actors and reality stars looking for some extra branding
  • Entertainers being stalked
  • Visiting politicians on un-official business in the country
  • Arab royalty
  • Other royalty at special events
  • Executives - protection of company stocks
  • Executives - protection against a threat


As you can well see, there's plenty of different clients to approach, if you know what to look for. Don't be too hasty with who you choose to approach; todays pauper is the millionaire of tomorrow.

Also, whatever assignment you land, will give the extra experience, which down the line will get you the larger contracts.. Just stay clear of criminals and social misfits.

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