British Prime Ministers protection officers complacent or not?..

There's been a lot of writing about the guy tackling the british PM, David Cameron, and especially his remark, that the CPO team was no good - Unfortunenately, he can spawn a new trend..
31 October 2014|RSS|Bodyguardskills

The young jogger, Dean Farley, claims he didn't know, who the PM was, when he ran into him. Well, either Dean is tremendously ignorant or he is lying. Either way, the bloke is not aware, that his actions can spawn a new trend of people, trying to overrun security staff protecting officials or celebrities.

From a security perspective, what he accomplished HAS to be seen as complacency from the security team. However, the aftermath will hopefully be, that the Metropolitan police now make the adequate changes, so that their staff will be on their toes nad not their heels.

There may not have been a significant threat - But, thats not to say there wont be next time.

It may just have been a single officer ignoring his arc of responsibility - but thats one to many.

They may have stopped and detained the culprit jogger, without anyone getting hurt - again, it could very well be a "test-run" for something worse to come.


There's no doubt in my mind, that the SO1 has the adequate training and probably some of the worlds best practitioners. But everyone gets tired once in a while or just have an "off-day". Allow your staff to step down, once in a while, if they are not up to par. Make sure you have enough stand-ins to step in.

And from now on, expect that there will be more attempts to break the cordon and tackle or harass a politician/celebrity.



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