Bodyguardskills is raising money for development

We are looking to expand the website with more films and a general clean-up of the site.
27 September 2015|Bodyguardskills is looking to raise money for further development of the site.

It is meant to be a non-profit site, but this also means that the future is in our supporters hands.

Please have a look at our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, where you can get some pretty awesome perks if you support us.

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Fight or flight..Fight or flight..
08 August 2014 - Working as a bodyguard sometimes entail the accupational hazard of face-to-face, knuckle-to-knuckle assault or even worse confrontations. Which combat styles are best suited for these attacks? The...
Bodyguard sidearmsBodyguard sidearms
25 July 2014 - Many people associate bodyguards with weapons. True, we carry weapons when it's necessary and the law permits. But new bodyguards spend way too much time pondering which sidearm to choose.. In...
Tip to getting a bodyguard contractTip to getting a bodyguard contract
07 July 2014 - Normally bodyguards do not have anxious clients calling them in an endless stream. One a month, if the bodyguard has a good network or marketing budget, is actually great. So how do you land this...
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