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We are looking to expand the website with more films and a general clean-up of the site.
27 September 2015|Bodyguardskills is looking to raise money for further development of the site.

It is meant to be a non-profit site, but this also means that the future is in our supporters hands.

Please have a look at our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, where you can get some pretty awesome perks if you support us.

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Client typesClient types
08 December 2014 - When people try to comprehend the life af a bodyguard, they almost always think of politicians and superstars as the's some interesting facts about the REAL client base.. YES; we do...
The perks of being a bodyguardThe perks of being a bodyguard
15 November 2014 - Being a bodyguard is about saving lives, honor and chivalry. But it's also about business and earning a living.. And then there's the perks.. If you turn out to be a decent bodyguard, you will...
British Prime Ministers protection officers complacent or not?..British Prime Ministers protection officers complacent or not?..
31 October 2014 - There's been a lot of writing about the guy tackling the british PM, David Cameron, and especially his remark, that the CPO team was no good - Unfortunenately, he can spawn a new trend.. The young...
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