Bodyguardskills is raising money for development

We are looking to expand the website with more films and a general clean-up of the site.
27 September 2015|Bodyguardskills is looking to raise money for further development of the site.

It is meant to be a non-profit site, but this also means that the future is in our supporters hands.

Please have a look at our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, where you can get some pretty awesome perks if you support us.

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Survey; mapping the industrySurvey; mapping the industry
04 February 2015 - In an attempt to figure out where the work is and who get's the jobs, we have created a survey we'd like you to take. This survey is a short (9 questions) one. It's discreet as we don't ask people...
The Charlie Hebdo reasonThe Charlie Hebdo reason
11 January 2015 - People speculate why the shooting in the Charlie Hebdo Magazine took place, while other magazines clearly could be targeted as well, for doing cartoons of the prophet. Here's a few good reasons.....
Terrorism; the new eraTerrorism; the new era
06 January 2015 - Terrorism has always been perceived as "the small vs. the big" and something easily defeated or at least beaten to a diminshed capacity. Today, DAESH or ISIL if you prefer, has changed all that.....
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