An almost normal working day..

What does a normal working day look like for a bodyguard? - Here's one scenario;
21 September 2015|RSS|Henrik Bramsborg
A model wearing Reeslev jewelry
A model wearing Reeslev jewelry

During the Copenhagen fashion week I was hired for a couple of days to look after a high-end jeweler and his wife from the house of Reeslev. The catch being, that I should provide security enough to safeguard their jewelry as well as them selves. 

They’d chosen to sponsor a famous Danish designer, Stasia Hallas, and provide all her models jewelry for their outfits. The jewelry value of these (35 jewelry sets) was ridiculous. 

So, I took on a coworker to help me, while still staying within budget and informed the client in writing, that we couldn’t guarantee anything, let alone get insurance for such a job. He accepted nonetheless and we were on. 

At the briefing, plans were changed so we’d have jewelry in two shows in the same hotel, instead of one. My client and his Mrs. would be separated to cover each show. Asking who to protect and how, the client told us to cover one person each (him and his wife), with that persons respective jewelry in sight.  

Most would call this a very difficult task, but to be quite honest it was worse; impossible bordering to the ludicrous, is more accurate.

When the day came, the schedule went to Pogo-Pogo! (or somewhere else with another time zone) Everything/everyone was late and we quickly stopped trying to follow the time table, the organizers had provided. Instead we developed our own, with the boss and his wife. 

I also had a chat with the head of security in the Hotel and another security detail there. Not only as a courtesy, but to inform them we could use their eyes and ears, should something happen. Everybody we met was super helpful and promised to stay alert. 

Halfway in the first show we realized, that some of the models were to do a “walk-about” with the designers’ signature jewel collection. Again a game-changer. My co-worker was ordered to leave his VIP and follow the jewelry around, until the models went backstage again. He then attended his VIP once more. I urged the VIPs to stay close together, so I could keep an eye on both. Wishfull thinking.

After both shows were done, we thought, “Pheew, tough day. Let’s go home!” 

Nope. The boss was invited to the afterparty at a posh nightclub and had “forgotten” to inform us. So one of us had to transport the VIP's with all 35 jewelry sets to their flagship store, wait until they got changed and then go back to the afterparty with the VIPs. Luckily, they had to get up in the morning and work, so the assignment stopped at around 2 o’clock. 

All in all, we’d changed our plans no less than 8 times during the evening, had to “deputize” 2 other security officers and prolong our working hours with almost 100 %. 

The client was (and still is) happy and keeps calling with more work. I was also approached by a designer, who'd like to use us for a similar task.

 THAT’S what close protection craftsmanship is all about, in Western Europe. Thinking on your feet, adapting to an unsavory and cruel working environment, making your boss look good in the process.

And dispite the difficulties, don't complain when your task is to safeguard wonderful jewelry and cheerful, motivational people, while surrounded by georgeous models.  

Lessons learned;

  •  When we do our SAP, make sure to ask about ALL security present on the location
  •  Make sure we have adequate staff on stand-by
  •  Always assume that your client is going to an afterparty of some sort
  •  Consume a large breakfast - these events rarely permits time to eat or drink much
  •  Looking sharp and well groomed creates opportunities.

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An almost normal working day..An almost normal working day..
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