Risk- and Threat assessment


This module contains the following:  

  • Video introduction with Henrik Bramsborg (DK).
  • Text and written material. 
  • What is a risk assessment by Henrik Bramsborg (DK).
  • What is a threat assessment by Craig Pedersen (SA).
  • How to identify risks. 
  • References and links to external educational websites.   

Downloadable files:

  • Executive Protection Checklist 
  • Considerations when escorting female clients

Total video time: 11:09


Websites, books and articles used in this module. 

The gift of fear, Gavin De Becker.

Providing Executive Protection, Richard Kobetz et al. 

Obsession!, Douglas/Olshaker

The Executive Protection Bible, MJ Braunig

Threat assessment for bodyguards, H. Bramsborg


Henrik Bramsborg

Henrik Bramsborg (DK) is a professional bodyguard operating out of Northern Europe. Henrik Bramsborg works as a security professional and is also an author of several books. 

Craig Pedersen

Craig Pedersen (SA) is a security consultant and author of books about close protection operations. Craig Pedersen has many years of frontline experience. 

Risk- and Threat assessment

There is confusion about the term threat assessment in this business. It's a common misconception, that risks and threats are the same. They are not! 

Risk assessment is an overall assessment of factors that are or could be direct or indirect threats against our client, his/her well-being or environment.

Threat assessment, on the other hand, is a specific assessment of threats-natural or man-made-against our client, his or her well-being, or environment.

So the difference is, that anything can pose a risk, being more or less plausible, but a threat is something or someone identified as such!

In this introductory section, let's play with the terms. Living in Los Angeles, California, there's a plausible risk of earthquakes. The second FEMA put out a warning that an earthquake is pending, it becomes a threat.

If someone told you in high school, that one of the other kids were out to get you for stealing his girl, it would be a medium threat (because you HAD a piece of his girl, you dog you!), but when someone else confirm the rumor and then a third person as well, it's gone from medium to large threat. 

In the old days, before 2001 and people with degrees started meddling with our business terms, we simply placed threat assessment in 3 categories; None/small, medium and large.

Ie. Fans would pose a small insignificant threat, stalkers a medium threat and defined aggressors (people actually threatening) a big threat. 

Today there's many methods of defining threats, some use the color scheme introduced by homeland security, others use numbers and a scale/matrix and others again (primarily governments) have computer programs, that can assess threats, by putting historical, medical and sociological information together and give them certain values, depending on time/action. 

As you probably haven't got the money to buy, or the brain to develop such a program, start with the Small/medium/large model for yourself. My own rule of thumb when I first started, were that any threat "invented" by the client or passed on by a third party would be a small threat. Any threat plausible, given by a plausible source were at medium threat level and any threat identified and confirmed were in the large threat category.

I urge you to learn Gavin De Beckers JACA model by heart and his RICE model by brain, to stay alive and develop your business. My own "risk assessment for personal protection" model is on this website, but is somewhat complex for beginners.

General threat assessment

Safety consideration for escorting women who have been attacked or threatened with violence. This is a publication that can be used by and security professional that has to work with stalking and domestic violence cases.

Download here..

Executive protection checklist

A general executive protection checklist that is good for all types of personal protection operations especially for corporate and executive security. The checklist contains many good ideas about essential equipment that should be used.

Download here..

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