This module contains the following:  

  • Video introduction with Henrik Bramsborg (DK).
  • Text and written material by Craig Pedersen (SA).
  • Beginners guide to equipment suggestions by Craig Pedersen (SA). 
  • Executive Protection basic equipment Nikolai Ehlers (BE). 
  • What you need and don't need. 
  • References and links to external educational websites.   

Downloadable files:

  • Executive Protection Checklist 
  • Considerations when escorting female clients

Total video time: 10:39


The Executive Protection Bible, MJ Braunig

The Bodyguard Training Manual, MJ Tombs

Bodyguarding, a completet manual, Burt Rapp & Tony Lesce

Basic Bodyguarding Skills, Craig Pedersen

Henrik Bramsborg

Henrik Bramsborg (DK) is a professional bodyguard operating out of Northern Europe. Henrik Bramsborg works as a security professional and is also an author of several books. 

Nikolai Ehlers

Nikolai Ehlers (BE) is a security professional with a background in the UN Close Protection Unit. Today Nikolai Ehlers works with private sector security and executive security.

Craig Pedersen

Craig Pedersen (SA) is a security consultant and author of books about close protection operations. Craig Pedersen has many years of frontline experience. 


There is an old saying:

"The most valiant knight can win no battles, if his armor is dent".

 This basically means that you have to keep your gear in excellent working order. But first, you need to know what "gear" is required to become a "knight" or in this case, a Bodyguard!

Here I am going to divide things a bit. There's a distinct difference between being, let's say, an Entertainment Bodyguard, Executive protection operative and a PMC escort. We are going to look at the basic gear for an executive protection operative in the western world most thoroughly and then cover a little bit of the other two segments.

Executive protection

- Quality footwear for dry and wet weather.

- Suit/everyday clothes.

- Outdoor clothes.

- Ballistic vest NIC level IIIA or higher. If you work at sea, Dyneema is the only viable choice, at is has floating capabilities.

- Communications, Radio w. personalized earpiece, cellphone w. camera and wifi.

- Writing accessories, heavy duty rollerball pen, (can be used as weapon) and notepad w. plastic front.

- Leatherman tool or swiss army knife.

- Surefire torch, led with max battery longevity.

- Sidearm/holster.

- Lighter, Zippo or other windproof lighter.

- Micro medkit.

Now, you'll notice, that if you are to purchase all of this at once, you'll probably be set back around $1500 -$3000,- depending on country and the various brands you choose. But, you don't have to buy it all at once. You can easily start with the items you deem necessary, starting out in the business. Factors to appreciate: · You must maintain a well equipped and groomed look, to gain the respect of future clients. · If you don't have a ballistic vest and some sort of weapon, how can you protect a third party from one or more assailants? · The heavier protective details you try to embark, the more/better equipment you'll need · DON'T trust other people's equipment! - They may never have learned to maintain it properly.

Entertainment bodyguard

There's not too much difference between the equipment of the executive protection operative and the entertainment bodyguard, but the latter needs a few items extra, due to the press exposure.

Besides the above mentioned:

- Quality shades (to minimize the negative effects of camera blitz) .

- Large umbrella (To block photographers view and to protect against flying objects)


Last but not least, there's the PMC, short for 'Private Military Contractor'. A PMC is oftentimes something between a civilian protection agent and a privatized paramilitary "soldier". Up until the late 1980ies, the term was professional/private soldier or worse (Mercenary). But after United Nations were forced to use PMC's in Africa in the early 1990ies, the term shifted from the not-so-politically-correct professional private soldier to Private Military Contractor, primarily because they initially were hired by the Coalition forces, to escort supplies and later other minor military ordeals, that caused many casualties.

Today, the term is even muddier, as big companies hire private bodyguards (independent contractors) when trying to establish infrastructure in hostile environments (occupied or semi-occupied areas) and find themselves attacked by insurgents.

A PMC needs full scale military equipment, such as:

- Heavy duty footwear + at least 1 extra pair

- Enough clothes to fit the area (Usually it's HOT where PMCs work, so you change often)

- Camelbak/canteen

- Frag or Kevlar vest w. inserts - NIC level 4 or better.

- Helmet, Kevlar.

- Personal weapon (size depending on range of operations), ACOG.

- Sidearm, personalized holster.

- Ammunition, at least 10 mags (preferably 15) for the personal weapon and 3-4 for your sidearm.

- Smoke grenade/s + CN/CS/fragmentation grenades.

- Quality GPS, local maps and a good old sturdy compass.

- Sunblock

- Salt tablets.

- Iodine tablets or other reliable water purification items.

- Medkit, large.

- Shades fit for the area (heat, UV light, brightness).

Obviously, this is just the basics, as being abroad also means providing your own food and other amenities, from time to time.

If you want to know more about what equipment to use as a pro bodyguard, I suggest you seek this info in some of the established training facilities, where they have experienced bodyguards teaching. By experienced, I mean someone who has been in the trade for more than 7 years, been contracted at least 5 of those and preferably been working in at least 2 of the 3 mentioned segments. It would be no shame to ask your future instructor for proof of work experience. We all have former contracts, pay slips and letters from satisfied clients hidden somewhere.

General threat assessment

Safety consideration for escorting women who have been attacked or threatened with violence. This is a publication that can be used by and security professional that has to work with stalking and domestic violence cases.

Download here..

Executive protection checklist

A general executive protection checklist that is good for all types of personal protection operations especially for corporate and executive security. The checklist contains many good ideas about essential equipment that should be used.

Download here..

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