This module contains the following:  

  • Video introduction with Henrik Bramsborg (DK).
  • Written introduction by Henrik Bramsborg. 



Henrik Bramsborg

Henrik Bramsborg (DK) is a professional bodyguard operating out of Northern Europe. Henrik Bramsborg works as a security professional and is also an author of several books. 


Being able to cooperate with many entities is adamant in the bodyguard business. Even if you don't like to interact with a lot of people, you will need to liaise to keep your client safe, and your day to day chores as easy as possible.

A well trained bodyguard is courteous and friendly with most people, alone for the sake of his clients' reputation, so it shouldn't be too hard adopting this attitude, when seeking cooperation with staff, local officials and other partners. 

Here is one way to go about it: 

Outline a list of your- and your clients needs early on. 

Make an effort to identify all necessary partners, at the beginning of an assignment. Make initial contact and inform people of your assignment on a need-to-know level. 

Ask if they are the person in charge of this particular area. I.e. ask a concierge if he/she is in charge of the VIP clients needs or if there's a special concierge for this type of clients. 

Once you've established, that it is the right person you are talking to, get as much information about them as you can. Full name, title, e-mail plus telephone number and working hours are a minimum. 

State your needs and ALWAYS end with " you think this is possible?" even if you know it is. It puts the receiver in the leading position and will psychologically make them feel important. This will instantly make them like you and they will go the extra mile for you. 

Saying something in the lines of "I am much obliged to you!" and "..great help. I am looking forward to working with you!" will also help speed things up. 

You will, at one time or another, need to cooperate with the following (not complete list): 

a. Police and/or military.

b. Local security.

c. Hotel staff, concierge/room service/hotel manager/security manager.

d. Restaurant staff, Maitre d'.

e. Limousine or other transportation service.

f. Plus many many other people. Being able to do this will definitely make you more employable and an asset to any executive. 

This topic is a huge one and not simple to cover, but I suggest you read up on social behavior in different cultures, to 'be the best you can be' in terms of cooperation. 

Being diplomatic is just as important as being a good protector. Many successful bodyguards are good at their job because they are good at creating relationships with other professional groups. These people if treated right can make your job easier. 

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