Culture and tradition


This module contains the following:  

  • Video introduction with Henrik Bramsborg (DK). 
  • South African perspectives by Craig Pedersen (South Africa). 
  • Middle Eastern perspectives by Nikolai Ehlers (BE). 
  • Images and photos. 
  • References and links to external educational websites. 

Total video time: 07:42 

Henrik Bramsborg

Henrik Bramsborg (DK) is a professional bodyguard operating out of Northern Europe. Henrik Bramsborg works as a security professional and is also an author of several books. 

Nikolai Ehlers

Nikolai Ehlers (BE) is a security professional with a background in the UN Close Protection Unit. Today Nikolai Ehlers works with private sector security and executive security.

Craig Pedersen

Craig Pedersen (SA) is a security consultant and author of books about close protection operations. Craig Pedersen has many years of frontline experience. 

Culture & Traditions

Working as a bodyguard, you’ll obviously need to know who your friends are and who your enemies. But, the world is a big place with many different cultures. In some you may find, that what you think is straightforward and legal, is perceived as wrong or even illegal.

For the same reason, you should always be cautious when working in foreign parts of the world, preferably hiring local help to assist you and your client.

As an example, let’s take a place like Moscow. Though it is slowly getting better, it has been a stirred up kettle of corrupt officials, Russian mafia and your average pickpockets.

However, working as a bodyguard in Moscow is straight forward. You either tell the police you are there – or you don’t. Within 24 hours, they’ll know anyway. If you are lucky (or connected) you can get a “working permit” which includes a weapons permit within 2 weeks. If you are less lucky (ed.: Connected), you’ll never receive it.

Once on the streets, you are fair game to every street thug around, unless you’ve made an arrangement with a group called Izmaylovskaya or maybe the Solntsevskaya group. This doesn’t mean that you have to make such an arrangement, but I am just pointing out, that these groups control the major crime in Moscow – and more or less the nightlife as well.

Having a reputable Russian security firm assist you, can help you get around these issues. It is definitely worth the money.

In certain parts of Italy we have a similar scenario, The Camorra, Cosa Nostra or ´Ndrangheta will definitely have an interest in a bodyguard team working in their area. Not so long ago, it was custom that they’d demand some sort of “toll” or “tribute” from you, working in their area. That in return, made sure that no carabinieri from that specific region would stop you and demand a “fine” for speeding or similar. Today it may be a little different, but you have to some proper research in the area, you are about to work in.

Again, using a local bodyguard/security firm will help you a lot, as they know the threats, if they are their money’s worth and may even already pay tribute.

Most parts of the world have disputable cultures, with some sort of corruption, twisted laws or gangs, which control a percentage of the country/city. Learn to live with it or get out.

It’s not easy and sometimes even dangerous to navigate in liaisons, but hey; it’s all part of the game.

Libyan dictator Gadaffi had a private army of female bodyguards to protect him. It is said that the female bodyguards are more loyal than men in some parts of the world. 

Indian megastar Salman Khan being protected by his bodyguard. India and Asia is in need of trained security operators. 

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