Online educational site has been developed in close association with industry experts, security professionals and specialists from the international bodyguard community. is an online web portal that can be used by newcomers to the industry and anyone else that wants to learn more about the bodyguard profession. 

Site navigation and functions

Videoguides uses videoguides to deliver instructions and information in HD resolution. We have interviewed industry experts about bodyguarding and protective operations. 


This tab shows the exact contents of each module. Most modules are equipped with the "overview" tab for a easy and quick overview of module content and curriculum. 


The book tab contains written information such as essays, articles, interviews and extracts of books. 


Indicates that there is additional information that can range from images, expert advice to charts, vectors and other instructional material. 


You will encounter the "questionnaire" tab in many of the modules. The questionnaires have been written by our authors to ensure that complex information is understood. 


Contains answers from questionnaires on the same site or frequently asked questions about issues relating to the contents of the specific module. 


The tab contains important information. This can be downloadable information such as "forms", site surveys or guidelines provided by external specialists. The tab also contains some very important online links.

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