Henrik Bramsborg

Henrik Bramsborg (DK) is a professional bodyguard operating out of Northern Europe. He works as a security professional and is also an author of several books about security and bodyguarding. Henrik is the Country Director of I.A.C.P.O in Denmark as well as Member of their advisory board.

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Mike Proctor

Det. (ret.) Mike Proctor from the US is the author of several books about stalking. Mike Proctor is a former police detective and an expert in the field of stalking.

Mike "Duck" Proctor has become one of the worlds leading experts on stalking. In 1991, he cut his teeth on the case of Sandy Potter, who had been tormented for more than a decade by an old boyfriend.

Latest book: Antidote For A Stalker.

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Tony Scotti

Tony Scotti (USA) is a leading expert in the areas of security driving and secure transportation. Tony Scotti has many years of experience from the security industry. For information about security driving and specialist training go to VDI's website or learn more on Tony's personal blog.

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Nikolai Ehlers

Nikolai Ehlers (BE) is a security professional with a background in the UN Close Protection Unit. Today Nikolai Ehlers works with private sector security and executive security.

Craig Pedersen

Craig Pedersen (SA) is a security consultant and author of books about close protection operations. Craig Pedersen has many years of frontline experience. 


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Kevin McPherson

Kevin McPherson (DK) is a security operator and CQB instructor working out of Scandinavia and Europe. Kevin owns and operates his own security training consultancy called ADAPT.

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Paul "Rock" Higgins

Contributor on Terrorism and antiterrorism
Paul 'Rock' Higgins 
Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist, 
Executive Protection Operator, 
Self Protection Instructor, 
Speaker & Author of Meditations of a Modern Warrior


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Marcin Dziedzic

Journalist, photographer, paparazzo, editor-in-chief

Worked for the two biggest polish tabloids: "Super Express" and "Fakt", in Bauer Group
and a few big internet sites. 

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