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Nikolai Ehlers has joined the projectNikolai Ehlers has joined the project
04 August 2013 - Nikolai Ehlers (BE) has joined as a specialist in the areas of celebrity and dignitary protection. Nikolai has over 15 years of experience as a bodyguard and close protection...
Craig Pedersen joined the projectCraig Pedersen joined the project
05 June 2013 - Craig Pedersen is a South African born and based Close Protection Specialist and trainer with 2 decades of experience. His experience includes CP details in South Africa and abroad as well as working...
We are excited...We are excited...
13 May 2013 - A little update from We are in the process of developing learning modules to the project. Among other things, the following modules are already established. We're working on...
Kevin McPherson joined the projectKevin McPherson joined the project
26 April 2013 - Kevin McPherson joined the project and will be the specialist on "Third person protection". About Kevin McPherson: Born in 1961 a little north of Copenhagen, Denmark . He has a...
Free miniguide - for aspiring bodyguardsFree miniguide - for aspiring bodyguards
19 March 2013 - This miniguide is a short teaser, that will answer some of the most common questions, people ask before they embark the bodyguard venture. It is primarily centered on bodyguarding/personal...
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