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Teenage clientsTeenage clients
23 October 2015 - Teenagers can be a pain in their parents **s. However, this is also true with regards to the relation between a teenager and his bodyguard. Way back in the early beginning of my career, I was hired...
Selling to millionaires and other affluent peopleSelling to millionaires and other affluent people
06 October 2015 - Selling is not just putting yourself on display. It's also knowing your clients and their preferences. Here is some crucial info when selling to rich people. I’ve been around rich and wealthy... is raising money for is raising money for development
27 September 2015 - We are looking to expand the website with more films and a general clean-up of the site. is looking to raise money for further development of the site. It is meant to be a...
An almost normal working day..An almost normal working day..
21 September 2015 - What does a normal working day look like for a bodyguard? - Here's one scenario; During the Copenhagen fashion week I was hired for a couple of days to look after a high-end jeweler and his wife from...
Marketing and Buyers of personal securityMarketing and Buyers of personal security
07 September 2015 - Marketing is NOT selling - most entrepreneurs learn this the expensive way. It IS however, identifying and luring your future clients into your net. Here's how... As an independent security...
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